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I love the cut of this bikini, any thoughts on where I would find something similar, Google reverse image search has returned nothing.

I'm looking for recommendations on an online printing company that people would trust to print boudoir photos and a calendar.

I can't wait to see the shit storm that happens in the Gizmodo 'Friend Zone' posting, I've already put in my 2 cents.

The last three articles on Jez are duplicates of what can be found on other Gawker sites, maybe they need to start cross posting again?

Yikes my boss has to have the 'workplace appropriate clothing' talk with a coworker of mine. I do not envy him one bit.

I've asked OppositeLock about this before, and I think we're getting closer so I would like expert opinions.

Has anyone heard if there is going to be a Kinja 2.0 fix? I've been using the original, and it works quite well, and I'm not sold on 2.0 yet.

Just a heads up to all of the Lululemon haters, I was at the outlet store last weekend and got three pairs for shorts for $9 each, and 4 pants for $19 each. Beat that Old Navy!

Do the people that support 'Traditional Marriage' not realize that historically speaking it was a property contract between a man and another man? And that the idea that it is between two equals is relatively recent and has Feminism to thank for that?

Thank you mods for all of your great work, it can't be an easy job, and I'm sure most of us have earned the side eye from you once or twice!

Has anyone heard whether or not the Kinja fix add on for Firefox has quit working in the latest version? It doesn't seem to be working on my PC, but it is working fine on my Mac (running an older version of Firefox).